Mark Spector Writes Videos

When the Great White Shark silver coin  became available, APMEX announced it with an email and home page banner. Both took the user to a redesigned product page where we introduced the coin and specs through this video. This coin became the fastest selling 1/2-oz. silver coin in Perth Mint history. is probably the largest seller of Gold and Silver on the Internet. Through an arrangement with Perth Mint of Australia, APMEX had exclusive access to a limited mintage of 1/2-oz. silver coins featuring the great white shark. This video ran on the home page before the coin's release.

Product videos are a staple of many websites that sell gold and silver. Usually, they're just the coin and the specs.  The APMEX creative team in New York generally tried to create more of a story around the products. This was our take on a popular U.S. Mint coin series.

Aetna was one of the first health care providers to offer a mobile app to its members. This video was created to explain the benefits of the mobile app to Human Resources professionals.

Like many Medicare contractors, Aetna offers its programs in meetings at senior citizen centers throughout the country. Regulations require lengthy disclosures at that meeting. This video was created to combine the disclosures with an emotional sales message. Budget was low. We were asked to work with recruitment, educational and broadcast video of different quality from different shoots, and supplement them with stock footage.