I want to thank the young copywriter that I overheard saying that she admires those old-school direct response writers. Without that comment, I would never have showcased the letter that helped make me a vice president at Ogilvy & Mather, before the short attention span age. Another letter I present, which I was ordered to write after conventional wisdom declared the 2-page single-spaced letter "dead," generated a lot of high-dollar-volume sales. Is it that nobody reads anymore or have writers forgotten how to keep people reading?

AT&T Bakery Letter. (No headline on this letter. Just a strong opening sentence.)

Dear Colleague:
Something happened in the bakery last Saturday that made me think of customers like you.

It was Margie's Bakery, the same bakery that I always go to, the same bakery where I always buy a dozen doughnuts when I'm having my family over.

But last Saturday, when Margie finished counting out the doughnuts, she threw in a couple of extra jelly twists. No charge.

Now, I thought that was pretty nice. I'd be Margie's customer even if she didn't occasionally give me extra doughnuts.

And it made me wonder how we on the AT&T MEGACOM® WATS team could make your relationship with AT&T -- even in the overcomplicated overregulated world in which we do business -- more like mine with Margie's.

After all, you deserve to be treated like a loyal customer.

You made a significant investment to get the quality and reliability of AT&T when you installed your AT&T MEGACOM WATS facilities.

And then I realized that a way to reward your loyalty already exists. We can't throw extra doughnuts into a bag but we can give you an extra discount on your bill.

In fact, we can give you a one-time $7,500 usage credit, plus a 3% to 11% discount on your service every month, with an AT&T MEGACOM WATS Term Plan.

Let me explain.

A Term Plan is a program that gives you extra discounts on the already-lower rates that you enjoy with AT&T MEGACOM WATS.

When you enroll in a Term Plan, you simply agree to maintain your AT&T MEGACOM WATS service at a certain level for a term of 18 or 36 months. The greater the monthly commitment and the greater the term you agree to, the greater your savings.

There are no extra lines to install, no extra equipment to buy. And the money you save can really add up.

(over, please)

Here's an example:

Say your AT&T MEGACOM WATS bill averages $12,000 a month. You could probably commit comfortably to the $5,000 monthly usage level for 18 months. If you did, you would receive a full 6.5% discount on domestic and a 3.0% discount on international usage.

And that discount would be in addition to any other discounts you may be receiving, calculated after Usage Volume or Multi- Location WATS discounts are applied.

So if your domestic usage is $12,000 a month, you save $780 a month, or $14,040 over the life of your Term Plan. It's like getting over a month's service for free.

With a 36-month Term Plan, you would enjoy greater discounts for a longer period of time. These discounts would add up to $43,200 in savings -- or the equivalent of more than 3-l/2 months free AT&T MEGACOM WATS service.

These Term Plan savings can be yours at any time. But the $7,500 usage credit I mentioned is a time-sensitive offer. It's yours, regardless of the usage level and term of your commitment, if you sign up for a Term Plan by September 2, 1991.*

The brochure I've enclosed includes a chart that details Term Plan discounts and commitment levels. Note, too, the seasonality feature that may let you qualify for a big Term Plan savings even if your usage varies from month to month.

Look it over. Then call your AT&T Account Executive or 1 800 XXX-XXXX, Ext. 587. Or mail the enclosed reply card. If you preferto fax it to us, our fax number is l 800 XXX-XXXX. Call today. And get the AT&T MEGACOM WATS discounts you deserve.

It’s a pleasure to serve you.


P.S. Remember, to get the $7,500 service credit you have to sign up for a Term Plan by September 2, 1991. So don't wait. Talk to your AT&T Account Executive today.


Dear Valued Business Customer:

Though I’ve never seen the inside of your company, l'd bet that your use of the Internet is very different than it was, even two short years ago.

You may now go to the Web, not just for static product information, but for critical delivery and inventory information. E-mail and Instant Messaging are often the platform of choice for customer service. And the attachments you send with e-mails, especially if your business involves graphics or engineering, are probably larger and more complex.

If your Internet connection goes down, it could take some very important parts of your business down with it.

The fact is, you are at the beginning of a phenomenon known as the extended enterprise. Companies and business relationships that are not limited by walls, floors or ceilings, but by the imagination of people and the technology and bandwidth at their disposal. Which is why you may want to consider the power of Dedicated Internet Access from Qwest®.


Qwest Dedicated Internet Access delivers exceptional high-speed access with a premium level of performance and security. So you can extend your most critical applications to customers, suppliers and partners with a high degree of confidence.

The offering gives you a dedicated connection to our OC-192 IP backbone. This is one of the highest-speed Internet backbones available. And it’s engineered for incredibly low latency rates, near-zero percent packet loss and minimal network congestion. (Go to and you can see our network performance in real time.)

We also back the service with some of the most aggressive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the industry. They require us to provide everything from 100 percent network availability to ultra-high-speed packet networking. So you can use the Internet in more ways more reliably.


With Qwest Dedicated Internet Access, you can host your Web site on your premises, securely integrating it with back-end database, customer management, transaction and other systems. Use it to build e-commerce capabilities comparable with those of the biggest names on the Internet. Or for Web-based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems that let you process transactions at a lower cost than traditional EDI.

You can also build an extranet. This would let you share real-time sales and inventory information with your supply-chain partners or collaborate on large files in real time. Consider too, an intranet. Your employees won’t have to call human resources for benefit forms. They would all be available online. Service companies now use Web-based time sheets to help keep them up-to-date.



Do you have satellite offices, traveling employees or home workers that might need access to the same applications and files that are stored on servers in the main office? Use your Dedicated Internet Access connection as the backbone for a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPN lets authorized users connect to your company network through an Internet connection. This means more than just Web pages and e-mails. Your key applications can be available to any authorized user who needs them. Whether they’re in Denver, Denmark or the den at home.


You may never have to pay for a telephone call between locations again. Qwest Dedicated Internet Access can give you the bandwidth and flexibility to use the Internet as a private telephone line.

Better still, you can add a Web cam and microphone to your computer and turn it into a videophone. With Dedicated Internet Access, you can meet out-of-town job candidates or present new ideas to a client with the quality of a television broadcast.

You can even use the Internet as a virtual classroom, bringing people together for seminars and demonstrations. Use streaming media, collaborative software and Internet telephony for truly interactive learning experiences.


Dedicated Internet Access is available in a wide range of network point-to-point access speeds to make any or all of your virtual enterprise applications possible-from 56Kbps to 2.4Gbps, the fastest speed commercially available today. Any solution can scale to larger (or lower) bandwidth as needed. You also get a choice of flat, tiered or precise burstable pricing options, depending on which works best for your needs.

Moreover, if you have an existing Frame Relay or ATM network, Qwest can help you extend this technology to the Internet. You leverage your existing investment while capitalizing on fractional speeds of DS-1 to OC-3.


You don’t have to dedicate resources to making a Qwest Dedicated internet Access solution work. 24/7 network monitoring and maintenance come standard with the service. Additional managed services for everything from your premises equipment configuration to network security are also available.

Call 1 XXX-XXQWEST (XX-XX7-9378) today for a free analysis of your Internet needs and opportunities. You‘ll see how Qwest Dedicated Internet Access gives you the virtually foolproof bandwidth that your virtual enterprise needs.

Senior Marketing Manager

RS. Qwest sales engineers are available to help with the cost-benefit analysis you may need to convince your management of Dedicated Internet Access value. Call 1 XXX-XXQWEST (XX-XX7-9378) today for details.