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"I've been through Just-In-time delivery, Horizontal Management, the PC revolution, even feng shui. So what is this thing you're calling network computing?" OPEN

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"And how is it going to bring a renaissance to my business?"

 CONNECT Every time you read an e-mail, pull information From the internet or with-draw cash at an ATM, you see network computing in action: Two, maybe three, maybe a dozen different computer systems all talking with each other to get you the information (or money) you want.

A miracle of modern technology? Not quite. It’s simply a change in the way we share ideas, collaborate with colleagues and sell our wares. And it’s the way more and more people are doing business today.

Put up a Web site and you have a sales channel that’s available around the clock and around the world. Your next customer could just as easily come from Malaysia as Main Street.

And when an order comes in, you can marshal your departments and suppliers to react simultaneously. Let everyone involved share the up-to-the-microsecond data on prices, inventory, trucking schedules – whatever you need to deliver.

This networked world can get information where it’s needed when it’s needed. People don’t have to leave their desks to find out about your competitors new product, your industry’s new standard, or how you plan to respond.

You can even break down time and distance between employees. So they can work together more effectively, instantly sharing resources and ideas with colleagues down the hall, down the interstate, or halfway around the world.

And over the next few pages we’ll show you how IBM technology can help you do all this, without abandoning the investment you’ve already made.

Call it a paradigm shift. Call it business transformation. Just don’t call it the “next big thing." The truth is that we’re not at the beginning of a technological revolution, were smack in the middle of one.

Exciting, isn’t it?

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"How can I make my Web site more accessible yet maintain a fortress around my confidential data?"

SECURITY Todays Web sites aren’t just places to visit. They’re places where your customers can find information, sample your services, place an order or check its progress, even find out when something will be delivered. And all this can happen any time of the day or night. Without a call from your sales force, without a visit to your showroom and without the usual mountain of paperwork.

A great way to do business, yes. Unfortunately, it’s also a little like leaving the store unattended with the door wide open.

So at IBM, some of our smartest people are devoted to information security. And through our SecureWay™ family of products and services we can offer you the virtual equivalents of alarms, barbed wire and uniformed guards.

Our Security Healthcheck, for instance, gives you a thorough review of your systems. We assess your vulnerability, spot potential chinks in the armor and determine the best way to secure your network. Foran even more rigorous check, you can ask our team of “ethical” hackers to try to breach your systems.

But should you ever detect a break-in, our round-the-clock Emergency Response Service is available to contain it. And help make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We can offer you protection against computer viruses, too. So far, our technicians have identified over 6,800, and you can inoculate your system with the latest IBM AntiVirus software straight from our labs.

And if you’re sending copyrighted materials over the Net, our Cryptolope™ technology acts like a digital envelope that can be opened only with an electronic key. Publishers will be able to use them to sell articles and reports, even images and video through our infoMarket service.

Every day, more people and more information make the world of networked computing a place of incredible opportunity. And the resources of IBM are committed to making it a safe place, too.

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"I have people in Albuquerque. I have people in Helsingor. How can I get them to work together."

GROUPWARE If you want people to work together, you can start with two powerful tools that already work together: LotusNotes® and the lnternet. Through a process we call “replication” Notes™ lets everyone on a team access, share, discuss and edit a document simultaneously. Regardless of where theyare or what platform they’re working on.

And with its built-in e-mail, Web browser and search engine, Notes users can find the information they need - whether it’s on the lnternet, their own servers, or a networked desktop computer in some far-flung city - then attach it to the document they’re preparing.

Once a file is ready you can use Lotus InterNotes Web Publisher™ to publish it on the Web, where it can stay linked to your internal version. Which means that when you amend your prices, for example, your Web site automatically gets updated. So whenever a customer cruises over to your home page, you’ll know they’ll be reading the latest information.

Another way to help people collaborate is to get their computers to work together, using our new Software Servers. This software technology can help you achieve seamless integration in such areas as Database, Communications, Internet and Transaction Processing. So a Mac™ user can find data stored in the mainframe, and a PC user can view architectural drawings created on a UNlX@ workstation.

If it’s a private network you want, IBM Global Network  - one of the world’s largest private data networks - is a secure, ready-made solution. Authorized users can dial into the network from any of 850 cities around the world and access the information or applications they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can also help you build your very own 'version of IBM Global Network - an Intranet - which gives you the benefit of Internet technologies and telecommunications links, yet protects your data behind a multilayer firewall. So wherever your people work, neither distance nor technology need come between them.

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"How can I improve customer service to satisfy even the most fickle of my clients?"

CUSTOMER SERVICE It’s becoming commonplace within the mail order and catalog business. A customer calls a clothing company and just as he’s finished saying his name, his entire customer history appears on a screen - what he bought before, when he bought it, where he lives, what size he takes, even which colors he prefers.

Everything, in fact, that the company needs to know to whizz through an order.

Shouldn’t you be introducing the same kind of solution for your customers? With Customer Relationship Management you can. This set of client/server applications is designed to work across your departments, garner as much data on a customer as possible, and help you use it as a strategic asset to attract new customers and retain old ones.

You’ll find it can dramatically cut down the time it takes you to respond. And there are some simple steps you can take to see how it could work for your business.

You can start with what others have done before you. Our Client/Server Advisor System may be the most comprehensive database of client/server experience any where. We track solutions that work, solutions that don’t, solutions we installed, solutions others installed. Tell us about your company, your business objectives and your computer systems, and we may very well have a proven solution for you.

You can also arrange to visit one of our Open Systems Centers. There you can play mix and match with products from companies like Sun®, Microsoft®, HP®, Apple@ and, naturally, IBM. So you can predict the success of a solution before you invest in it. And know exactly what you need to get departments, suppliers and customers sharing information and working together.

To find out more about the customer service solutions that are already at work in your industry, talk to our Customer Service Consultants. They can show you a portfolio of proven solutions for a business like yours - be it retail, communications, banking, transportation, the list goes on.

Once applied, all this technology can make even the ficklest customer less fickle. And you more profitable.

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"How do I unleash my sales force to do what they do best."

MOBILE AND WIRELESS There are few things more frustrating to good salespeople than a system that chains them to their desks. And few things more unproductive to your company than the time they spend at the office completing paperwork and picking up information.

It’s time to cut the cord.

The IBM Salesforce Transformation Group can help you set them free - with a customized sales force that outlines the entire process: from assessing the way you do business to cost-benefit analysis through to implementation, service and support.

It could include our ARTour™ solution. This combination of software and hardware links wireless and land-based networks securely and reliably. The communication stream is so seamless it will integrate perfectly with your back-office systems. And with our SuperSELL software your sales force can cheek inventory, send orders, report new info and arrange shipping without ever going through your company doors.

AR'l`our uses IBM Wireless Modems so your salespeople don’t have to crawl under a customer’s desk looking for the phone jack. From almost anywhere, they can plug into the power and resources of your network. And if they can ‘plug in’ via an IBM ThinkPad™, they’ll find it even easier to put details and customer information into your system. Its full-size keyboard, precision design and bigger, brighter screen make for a more comfortable, portable office.

A ThinkPad can also give your salespeople the ability to deliver dynamic multimedia presentations to increase their powers of persuasion. And when they return to the office, they can use the built-in infrared connectivity to download files or use an infrared-equipped printer - without fumbling with jacks or cables. 'l`hey’ll be out selling again quicker than you can say “How many did they want?”

IBM mobile and wireless technology is one more way to make networked computing work for you. In this case, we connect your company to the one department you rely upon to attract, win and retain your customers.

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"I'm the country's leading supplier of shoehorns. Who really understands what my particular business is going to need."

According to Information Week magazine, two-thirds of most re-engineering plans fail for one simple reason: they were never properly implemented. People weren’t trained well. Systems were improperly installed. And there was no real room for growth, change and the unforeseeable.

To keep this from happening, our consultants concentrate on specific industries. That way they can learn as much about your business as they already know about technology. And as much again about the relationship between the two.

Let’s say you make shoehorns. The people we bring to your table specialize in manufacturing, and they take your whole business model into consideration. Sales. Inventory. Projected demand. Who your customers are, where they’re located, and what they expect.

Only after all this is resolved do they go on to the technological issues of supply chain management, plant floor data collection, and ,lust-in-time delivery.

Moreover, we dont do this just for manufacturers. We have Industry Consultants in travel, healthcare, telecommunications, distribution. In fact, whatever business you’re in, you’ll_ probably find that the IBMConsulting Group has experts in your field.

And they can help you with Business Transformation services that range from developing advanced business strategies to improving the way your departments share information; Internet Services to exploit the potential of what others are merely talking about; and Security Services to protect your valuable data.

We don’t just talk about a solution. We can help you plan it. build it, install it, manage it and train your folks to make the most of it.

But don’t worry - this doesn’t have to be as costly as it sounds. You probably have much of what you need to transform the way your business runs. And the things you lack can be integrated with your current equipment.

As one of the largest managers of networks in the world, we may have already implemented solutions that could work for your company. That’s not to say we offer standard answers. Just that we’ve been there, seen it and networked it before.

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“So how do I get from here to networking Nirvana?"

CONNECT Come visit us at www.ibm.com and you’ll discover the information and hyperlinks to take you where you need to go, whether you’re interested in Lotus Notes, Internet Security, Wireless Modems or anything else we’ve covered. Or call us at 1 (800) IBM 7080, extension JC 100 and we’ll hook you up with the people you need to talk to.

As you can see, when it comes to implementing this networked world, we have quite the network in place to support you. And together we can transform the way your company does business.

So get in touch. The road to enlightenment is not nearly as long as you think.

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