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5 Ad Copy Tools for More Effective Content

5 Ad Copy Tools for More Effective Content

I want to assume that you don’t care about content marketing or copywriting.

Sure, those are the keywords that brought you to this post. But if this were an ad, you wouldn’t want to read it. I’d have to work very hard to get, hold and reward your interest.

Here are 5 ways that same effort can keep readers glued to your blogs, white papers and more.

Open with a hook.

For SEO, the opening has to leverage keywords. But you don’t have to wrap them in a high school thesis statement.

Use keywords in a story, a joke or a quote. Maybe surprise the reader with a bold statement or unexpected fact. Share a sentiment to establish rapport.

Take the headline to a bigger, broader, more interesting promise than what you offered in the headline.

Keep sentences simple, paragraphs short.

I wrote this sentence at a fourth grade reading level. And yes, I’m sure you’re better educated than that.

But when you assume, like I do, that nobody wants to you read your copy, you do all you can to make reading it less of a chore. Even if a technically savvy audience forces you to use polysyllabic jargon, you surround it with monosyllables.

In advertising, that’s a necessity. In content, it’s a courtesy.

Don’t lean too heavily on bullets and subheads.

I worked with a lot of great copywriters who hated them. Yet their work is successful. Often, because they can tell the whole story in a few strong sentences.

And when that isn’t possible, they artfully draw you into the copy and use “breathless prose” to keep you reading. They add the subheads, underlines, bullets and other highlights after the writing is done.

The main points become scanable, and what surrounds them is worth reading.

Infuse your brand promise.                 

Sum up your what your brand stands for in a word or three. Like FedEx’s Peace of Mind or Ritz Carlton’s Impeccable Service.

Now check every piece of content before it goes out to make sure it delivers on that promise.

You may not have HubSpot’s budget for copy editors to ensure a consistent voice, but your work can still be on-brand.

Reward the reader for staying with you.

By the end of the post you’ll have been with me for 485 words. I owe you more than a ‘tell me what you told me’ close.

Can I surprise you with a zinger? An extra proof point? Maybe a sixth tool or a smile? There are countless ways to leave readers with an upbeat feeling about your brand.

Sometimes, I like to like to be a little candid. Like now, when I pat myself on the back for sharing these somewhat sophisticated ideas in a Grade 5.3 reading level post.

My software might have scored it easier to read, but monosyllables is polysyllabic.

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